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Everyone is so pretty...'cept for me.

*cough cough*

Meow. How is everyone?!! I hope every single person is doing good, coz I'm not. I feel so shitty. =/ Yes, someone give me a hug. A nice one too. Filled with love. God, have you ever noticed how needy i am?!! It is annoying. SORRY! :P

I changed my layout..sorta. & it's okay, I think?!! AHH! I sooo suck at this livejournal crap. I just want it to be pretty, & Becky is the one who makes it that way...yeah.

Why am i addicted to the Real World? It so isn't "real". I think I'd be the one everyone came to, because I'll listen to anyone. And try my best to give good advice. But I don't go to anyone. =/ I've had terrible experiences where I tried to be open about how i feel, & they put me on hold.

Oh God, I'm lame! ahaha.

I need to some medicine. & I'm hungry.


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