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the angel from my nightmare

I'm fucking drunk. & yes, I'm miserable. I cried.

this whole situation makes me a crybaby.

i cut myself tonight. oh god, im becoming like everyone else. it may sound stupid, but the physical pain made my heart feel better. get my mind off it. it still hurts...i can't stop crying.

i don't know how im going to hide my arm tomorrow. =/ i feel so stupid. ahahahaha.

i deserve it you know. i deserve everything. i need to die. my existance is meaningless. i am not important.

i am so miserable. i miss my best friend Lupe. She's changed & no one seems to understand me. Maybe I don't want to be understood. Maybe I'm just meant to lose all the time. & be alone forever.

Fucking feel sorry for me. Really, you shouldn't. I'll probably delete this entry tomorrow, but right being honest...I am not okay.

& I wont be for a long time.

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