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Mexico can fucking wait..

It's been hot as a bitch these days..

I went to some ghetto ass clinic yesterday. I was very amused by the nurses. They looked like they were on crack. Prolly were. -shrugs- The good thing about this place is that...EVERYTHING is...FREE!!! Ahahah. See, the thing about me, is that..I'll get in a line if I'm going to get something free. LOL! I think a lot of you would too. Don't lie. You so fucking would.

I saw Jessica yesterday, and...we were sooo going to kill each other in 30 minutes. ahaha. I just need her attention. =/ And she busted out with , "What do you need me for?!! You have Nancy!" Err! But it was lovely seeing her last night. Oh wait, I saw her on Monday too. I bought her some ice cream so she could feel better. She was feeling a bit under the weather.

I just..I'll do anything for the bitch. Heh. I told my friend as we were going to Savon, "Damn. You see?! She tells me she wants ice cream, and I'm already asking what flavor and jumping on the bus.." Ladies and gentlemen, Jessica has me wrapped around her little finger. I'm completely: sprung. Oh well. It does hurt a bit, hurts a lot, but you know..I'm going to learn so much from this. At least I hope so. Nah, I KNOW that after this whole stupid drama shit, I'm never going to be this stupid again.

My future girlfriends/boyfriends (ahaha. as if that will ever happen..) are going to be extremely fucking jealous of Miss Jessica because I'll never love someone like this again. And it's a shame that nothing will happen.

Ash asked me what attracts me to her. I was about to slap him silly saying, "Are you kidding me? Have you seen her? Let alone talked to her?!!" Jessica is beautiful the way she is. She has something about her...maybe it's her eyes, or her smile, her soft skin, her unique personality, her love for America, her strange voice, her annoying FAKE laugh, the way she looks at me, or's just everything. She's hurt me like no other person, but you know what?!! I wouldn't change a thing about her.

I think I may be in love...

Life goes on though, right?!!

One thing that really cheers me up is blowing soap bubbles. Oh my God. I can spend the whole damn day blowing soap bubbles and be in heaven. I kid you not. They're so if you're ever feeling down...put on your favorite music and start blowing soap bubbles.

And yes, my mood is cheerful coz I am. And I'm enjoying it. Be happy for me.

Have a nice day.

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