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Some of you will hear from me again..

One of the reasons why I'm so honest and emotional in this journal is because I have no one. Not a single friend out there. No one to listen to me whine about how ugly the weather is, or how much i love staring at strangers. I have no friends. & that depresses me sometimes. I thought I did, but in the end...they only want something from me.

This journal was for me. So I could talk about anything. Yeah, sometimes when I got too emo, I would cringe and delete a lot stuff because I was afraid of what others might think, but eventually convinced myself that no one read this, so I could be as honest I wanted to.

Then little by little, strangers started Instant Messaging me talking about my journal and how they relate to me. There's one particular person that I adored. Blair. She was super nice. (do you still read this?!!) The first time she IMed me, I almost cried because I had no idea a complete stranger thought these nice things about me. I thought the whole livejournal world laughed at me for being so honest and well..for being me. She said she felt like hugging me & I do need a hug. =/ The only hugs I get are from the same person who destroys me. Weird, eh?!

Sometimes I thought I got too personal and should make this friends-only, but thought that was stupid because the whole purpose of this livejournal thing is to meet people and how are they going to know about you if you only have one post saying, "Friends only"?!! And I adore all my livejournal friends.

I doubt if I'll be missed, but I'll miss you guys.

In case you haven't noticed, this is a: goodbye

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